Since re-locating to Sarasota in 2018, I have been performing extensively doing solo acoustic shows as well as two acoustic duos. With Larry Yunker, our duo, 'Larry & John', covers everything from Clapton, Tom Petty, The Travelling Wilburys to the Beatles. Along with Julie Van Loan, our duo, 'Take2' is a great mix of songs from Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin, Tom Petty, Clapton. Lady Gaga, to Amy Winehouse.

In addition to the duos, Larry and I also have a four piece electric, classic rock band, 'The Larry Yunker Band'  that can take our sound to another level.

With his feet planted firmly in the blues, John brings that style to his acoustic work. Story tellers like Bob Dylan and Harry Chapin have always been an influence . Never one to cover a song exactly like the original, John likes to change songs up and put his own spin both vocally and on the guitar.

Working with Margaret Lewis in "John & Maggs", there is the addition of a Country flavor. 'Maggs'  vocal style is very reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt, and we cover a number of her songs. Bringing some Eagles and Jackson Browne songs to the mix adds to our diverse list of material.


Teaming up with Bud Belviso as "B-Street" , the blues comes to the front once again, mixed with Beatles, Tom Petty and  Bruce Springsteen. With Bud playing guitar and keyboards (sometimes in the same song!!) it makes for a very diverse selection of material for sure!  Some selected shows feature the addition of Mario DiBartolo to our group. That's when the blues takes over!

Handling the lead guitar duties for The Kim Yarson Band, I get to work with Kim's original material and apply my own style to her well constructed songs.  We also do some covers and there is the occasional acoustic duo show where we dip back into the 30's 40's and 50's as well as some originals and newer material. www.kimyarson.com

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