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               "STR8 EDGE DUO".
A duo featuring Julie Van Loan & John Bastiani.
We will be doing covers from Janis Joplin, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Beth Hart and everyone in between. An eclectic mix of songs and styles you can dance to or just sit back and listen.

Julie Van Loan, singer/songwriter, born in England, yet spent most of her adult life in NYC. In her young career, Julie performed her own cabaret show. Mainly hotels and P&O Cruise lines in England, France and Spain. After discovering Janis Joplin, she returned to NYC in 1995 and landed a gig with the Café Wha? House band in Greenwich Village where she performed 5 nights a week, singing female rock cover tunes alongside very talented musicians.    Julie loves to entertain and it shows. Most of all she wants people who hear her, to feel what she is feeling and bringing to the stage. From Aretha Franklin to Janis Joplin, Julie will have you singing and dancing along with her. Julie writes her own music and is looking forward to recording new originals in the coming months.

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